How to Save $350 Per Month on Your Home

Matthew Amos

Many friends, real estate & new construction clients ask me what is one easy maintenance task I can do to save money on my home and add value. Here is a simple one that shouldn’t take you no more than 3 hours to do. You can do it once a money, once a quarter, or every 6 months. It’s as simple as cleaning your windows! My window guy calls me and says I’ll clean your windows for $350! I said, “that’s crazy!!!” Here’s how I save $350 each month, quarterly, every 6 months.

Go to Home Depot and buy the following:
1) Adjustable Extension pole $10-$50 depending on what size you get. I bought the $50 for usefulness and longevity.
2) Glass cleaner $3-$15. I prefer Unger Glass Cleaner.
3) Microfiber combination squeegee scrubber by Unger $16.

Let’s do the math. I spent $70. My window cleaner wanted $350 each month. I saved $4200-$70=$4,130 for a simple 3 hour task (I like squeaky clean windows). It’s also another way to enjoy and ice cold brew or two on a weekend. Obviously if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself then hire a pro.


Matthew Amos is a leading real estate broker in San Diego and has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream home.